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curtovino.ch is a team of gambling experts from all over the world. Each of our team members has extensive knowledge and experience with online casino platforms in Switzerland. We have come to share this expert information and help you learn everything you need to know about the Swiss online gambling industry. Our goal is to make your gaming experience as exciting and successful as possible, and to support you with vital first-hand information on your gambling journey.

We have critically reviewed online casino providers, bonus types, payment methods, security and game selection. Our property review will definitely make you take advantage of various Swiss casino sites. We are always on the side of casino players, because we are passionate gamblers ourselves with many years of experience. We also know what is important in gambling.

Our experts

Behind our successful casino reviews are the brilliant experiences of a team of experts and editors. We know the games of Swiss online casinos very well. Although probably every one of us has played these games before, we have specialized in certain areas over the years.

Juanna Jager
Juanna Jager
The main editor is Juanna Jaeger, a 34-year-old experienced casino expert with an objective opinion. She started as a beginner in the online gambling industry and today she is a high roller, editor-in-chief of curtovino.ch. Juanna grew up in a city called Basel. She finished her educational career at the University of Basel with great enthusiasm for the online gambling industry. Juanna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and also completed a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She got her first job in one of the land casinos in Basel as a table dealer. Now she is a passionate, experienced and objective casino editor at curtovino.ch.

Our principles

One of our main principles is to develop the best iGaming product and build a safe, reputable and honest community of like-minded players looking for unbiased reviews of online gambling websites. We place great emphasis on educating and informing users about how dynamic online gambling can be. This is because we firmly believe that only a well-informed user can be a responsible gambler. As a reputable Swiss casino testing portal, we provide all the information necessary for safe and responsible gambling.

Our principle is also to guarantee all players a useful source of learning, entertainment and development of gaming skills. On curtovino.ch you will not find any sponsored or otherwise paid casino reviews. All our reviews are honest, transparent and objective. 

What do we actually do?

Well, you may wonder how exactly we achieve our goals and objectives. All casino operators listed here have been subjected to a very detailed test with a transparent rating system. Therefore, we not only offer you guides and tips on various casino games, but also check the availability of such Swiss casino sites. This way, we make sure that you choose the best of the best. Here you can see how we achieve this:

  • Casinos and gambling overview

It is no secret that the gambling industry is flourishing worldwide. Especially the Swiss online market is exceeding expectations more and more. If you are just getting started with online gambling or are just interested in general, we have already prepared some helpful guides for you. In addition to newcomers to the industry, experienced players can also find interesting articles here. These include topics like casino bonuses, different payment options, mobile casinos, classic or traditional casino games and many others. 

  • Information about bonuses

If you choose a reputable casino site, you can really benefit from the bonus offers and thus increase your chances of winning. That is why we test and evaluate the different bonuses and advise you which option is the best. Swiss casino sites offer different types of bonuses such as the welcome bonus, free spins, reload bonus, match bonus, cashback bonus and other loyalty bonuses. 

  • An overview of the best deposit and withdrawal methods

One of the most important things for any online gambler is to be able to deposit and withdraw their money easily, quickly and safely. At curtovino.ch we have made sure that our list of casino sites offers the best deposit and withdrawal methods. The online gambling industry is constantly evolving, and today online casinos offer players the possibility to use different currencies. To provide even more convenience, they have also integrated many deposit and withdrawal options. 

  • How to play

Another task of curtovino.ch casino portal is to show our users how to play their favorite games in an easy-to-understand way. Apart from reviews on which online casino operators are reputable, we also continuously create articles with top-notch information that can be helpful for players. This information ranges from explanations of gaming strategies, the house edge, play bonuses, bankroll management tips and RTP.

  • Help in any situation

Our primary website mission is to present legal online casino providers in Switzerland and around the world, so that you are well prepared for the challenges ahead. However, we do not limit ourselves to just presenting the best Swiss casino platforms. At curtovino.ch, we can help you in any situation related to the Swiss online gambling market and give you good advice on how to move forward on your gambling journey.

How to contact us

Only if each of our strict criteria appears in a good light, the online casino gets a chance on our portal. Our objective casino tests examine a wide range of information so that players can form a picture of the best Swiss online casino. Are you wondering how you can get in touch with us? Well, you can fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible: